Welcome to Grants4U

Welcome to Grants4U

Welcome to Grants4UWelcome to Grants4UWelcome to Grants4U


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. New content will be added as it becomes available and deemed beneficial to you as a religious or non-profit organization seeking to fulfill a mission which positively impacts individuals, families, and communities. 

About Us


Who We Are

Grants4U was formed by Rodney L. Sutton, Sr.  after 25 years as a non-profit professional. Rodney began his career as a non-profit professional in Cincinnati, Ohio;  where he served both religious and non-profit organizations in various program development and leadership roles which resulted in pivotal community change. Earning a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Cincinnati Bible College & Seminary in 1996 Reverend Sutton was very much involved in advocacy for the homeless, ending  juvenile incarceration, and recidivism. He also served as a point person for racial reconciliation in Cincinnati during the 2002 unrest. During this early part of his career Rodney  watched as funding streams became more competitive or dried up, and religious and non-profit organizations struggled to find the funding needed to fulfill their missions. Mr. Sutton has worked with budgets up to 13 million and has raised more than 1 million 3 years consecutively for one non-profit. As an experienced Fundraising Professional; Rodney brings his passion for helping others and ability to create collaborative relationships. Therefore, after earning his Master's Degree in Social & Community Services, with additional non-profit management and grant training, Rodney has formed Grants4U to help those religious and non-profit organizations who can't afford a full time grant writer; but for a reasonable fee can receive help obtaining the funding they need to fulfill their missions.

Strategic planning, focus groups, surveys, etc.

What We Do

We learn about your mission and then help you identify viable funding opportunities, and build collaborative partnerships which help in achieving your mission. 


How We Help

We help by planning fundraising or special events, researching and writing grants, building and developing collaborative partnerships; which positively impact individuals, families  and communities. 

Free Consultation

Fees can be discussed during consultation


Your generous gift will be used  as a scholarship for a  religious or non-profit organization needing assistance in fulfilling it's mission. You can inquire about current needs and designate your donation if desired.

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Past Grant Awards

These are just a few grant awards I received for nonprofit organizations. You will note I have included an award from community foundations as well as government. 

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